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Cooking Fever- Unlimited gems and coins (free download)


Get all Inn-App purchases( gems and coins) for free with our provided cheats and hacks for this amazing cooking game.

Seafood, fast food, oriental food or any food lover? If you’re thinking that you visited one more cooking sites you’re wrong. It’s about the most exciting cooking game ever- Cooking Fever. We all know there is some special bond with players and cooking type of games and why? You have a chance to be a cooker, waiter, manager and actually, have the opportunity to see how real managers are leading restaurants. If you think that’s easy, try managing your own city with all kinds of restaurants. Bakery, sports bar, Chinese restaurant, pizzeria, seafood bistro, Indian bistro and much, much more becomes available for you with every level getting unlocked.

Of course, every game has some pro’s and con’s and with every “freemium” type of game, the biggest problem is the real-money payment for Inn-App purchases in order for advancing. That’s why you have a chance to unlock all the gems and coins in the game with our simple and most importantly free cheats and hacks if you just hit our download button.

250 Meals to cook

Cooking Fever introduction

Players love to play the cooking type of games, and since is released Cooking Fever has become one of the most downloaded game in this genre.

Nortcurrent as a developer of this outstanding game is introducing new updates now and then for real cooking lovers and till now they have released more than 1400 levels. With more than 1300 dishes to be made, 27 locations to be discovered and hundreds of kitchen and interior upgrades to be bought there is no doubt why this game became addictive.

Of course, in order to discover all these amazing features, you need to make progress in the game and earn some XP(experience points) and some coins. Spending coins on buying new restaurants and new upgrades for some players may not seem like a big problem. But beside coins, you will have to earn ( and spend) some gems too. Earning gems is not that simple as earning coins and XP but it offers more advantages for sure. There is where players decide to spend some real money for full enjoyment.

If you don’t want to spend real money on Inn-App purchases but still want to enjoy wholly you’re In the right place. And why? Well, we are making sure that our users can make a progress in any game that has that “let’s spent some real coins” thing and that’s why we provided you unlimited gems and coins. How you’re going to spend them is all up to you.

Before we talk further about these cheats and hacks let’s see some tips and tricks that you can use here in the game and make sure your gems are in right place.

Spend your gems and coins wisely!

 Preparing and serving food and beverages for your customers at the beginning goes really smoothly and you’re seeing how earning some coins and gems is no problem. But really soon business is merging, you have more customers but the same appliances. That’s why is really important to invest earned coins in right away. If you are wondering what you should do we are going to help you.

Invest in appliances– Once you start developing your cooking business and start to attract more customers you will realize that some appliances investments are necessary. Be sure to check what customers order more and invest your coins properly. These types of investments are long-term for sure. Make sure to spend some coins on the food warmer and prepare food in advance before any clients come. The faster you serve your customer happier they will be, and for you, that means only one- more tips.

Invest in the interior- Investing in appliances is important but so it is investing in the interior. If you are thinking that spending coins on furniture and decorations are wasting money you’re wrong. For example, when you buy a TV the more customers will wait because TV is going to catch their eye. Tables are also important to provide you some extra time while you’re busy preparing all that food. The tricky part is once you buy something you need to wait for some time in order to become available. But it does not have to be like that. There is an option that could become available right away if you invest some gems. If you are having unlimited amounts of gems(diamonds) with free cheats and hacks that we provided you, your furniture and much more could become available right away without any waiting for a limited amount of time.

Alps Resort Interior Upgrade

3 stars in all restaurants?- Having a hard time achieving 3 stars on each level for your restaurants? With every level up you will have more customers and more requests. Every restaurant has 40 levels and the gameplay is slightly diffirent for each of them. Advancing and having 3 stars for every level is hard or even impossible without investing in upgrades. We already mentioned the importance of these appliances and interior upgrades. After the first few restaurant locations playing without these upgrades is really hard and upgrades are necessary even after first levels passing. If you are having a hard time gaining 3 stars on levels even after kitchen and interior upgrades you can always repeat the level. Maybe you just need to be faster than the last time. And you can always earn some extra coins with every level getting repeat.

Achievements- There is a lot of ways to gain some coins and XP. One of them is achievements. Check the list of these achievements and what you can do to earn some extra coins. Be sure to claim your rewards and check that achievements list regularly. You can be actually surprised by what type of chores you can claim your reward.

Limited time offers- When limited offers arrive to make sure to use it because it’s one in a lifetime. In these offers, you will probably find something that is not possible with regular coins purchases. Of course, the tricky part of these limited time offers is that you will need to invest some gems besides coins, but these offers are worth it and it can improve your restaurant quality to the max. Usually, players have a hard time actually using it thinking their gained diamonds are not worth it, but once you have your unlimited gems and coins be sure to catch when this offers comes and they are not coming so often.

Be careful with the casino!

Once you reach level 7(earning enough XP) casino becomes available. Some players who are not considering spending real money for Inn-App purchases can’t wait to try their luck in the Casino. Just like in real life you have to spend some coins in order to earn it back. Most of the players are giving a try to casino hoping to get some gems because that’s the real thing.

With research, we did we actually found a lot of players who are dissatisfied with a casino because earning diamonds(gems)is almost impossible.

Be sure to use our unlimited gems and coins for free and then if you want to go in casino for fun go ahead. But I think we all could agree that the casino is completely unnecessary in this game if you have enough diamonds and coins!

Casino Gems and Coins

Explore new locations!

Once you conquer your city and you open all these exciting restaurants you have the opportunity to enjoy new locations. If you are tired of city cooking it’s time for you to move on the island and not just an island but on Paradise Island. If you thought that opening a sushi restaurant, breakfast cafes or even Hell’s kitchen was exciting to let’s see what you are going to say for new restaurants on Paradise Island.

Once you are on experience level 28 it’s time for you to move on Paradise Island and to buy your very first Ice cream bar. It’s definitely going to be like a breeze fresh air after the city but also it has some responsibilities. If you are interested in serving some fresh fruit and ice cream to your customer you will have to invest even 25 gems and 15 000 coins. When you are working hard to get all these coins and gems it is a lot but with our unlimited gems and coins for free you can unlock any restaurant any time you like. Gaining faster XP means the faster opening of these restaurants and new locations. Besides opening an Ice cream bar you can open a paradise cocktail bar, corn dog van, cafe Mexicana, House of Crab, Sunset waffles, Thai food stall, Sirtako taverna or sandwich shop. It definitely seems alluring, does it?

However, if you are more mountain type of person you will enjoy when Alpine resort becomes available. Once you are on your 38 experience level it’s time for the first Smokey grill BBQ opening. It costs 35 000 coins and 25 gems. After this exciting location, you can open the Italian buffet, salad bar, Aloha bistro, Michelle’s Caffe, Alpine meat palace, and a few more exciting locations still to be discovered with new updates.

As we already talked about, making progress in this game is going to be difficult or even impossible since developers designed this game in this form of playing. After a few first locations playing without updates becomes super hard, but imagine even on Paradise Island or on Alpine resort. Provide yourself with unlimited coins and gems and enjoy completely in all kitchen and interior upgrades on new locations!

Paradise Island

Why you should use these cheats and hacks?

We all like it when our favorite game has a lot of levels. But 40 levels per restaurant is really a lot. Seeing an improvement in the game is the most satisfying feeling but just like in real life when we work hard we want to see our results. And the truth is with every mobile free-to-play game it is really hard to advance without any upgrade purchases that are tied-up to in-game currency.

Did you ever consider what you can do in the Cooking fever if you had unlimited gems and coins? Options are endless. Faster advancing in the current restaurant means faster buying new restaurants and discovering new locations for your dream restaurant. Imagine decorating any restaurant the way you like, and preparing all different types of food without being impatient.

If you are not sure how to use these unlimited gems and coins be sure to watch our brief tutorial on how you should do it.

Is it 100% for me to use these cheats and hacks?

 If you are thinking that these cheats and hacks are not working that’s ok, but considering that you are here means that you are not willing to spend real money for the Inn-App purchases and you are looking for an alternative which is awesome.

We tested these cheats and hacks because we all love our favorite cooking game, and most importantly they are working!

If you don’t want to test these cheats and hacks that’s ok too. Earlier in the text, we gave you some game strategy tips and tricks to make sure to use these if you are thinking of earning coins and gems in a slower mode.

The best thing about these cheats and hacks is that they are 100% undetectable and user-friendly so it can be used by anyone, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced player. We also provided human-verification in the download process for maximum player security.

If you are thinking this is one more mod apk download site you are wrong. There is no mod apk download requirements since your download is super easy and explained how you should use it earlier in the text.

Try these cheats and hacks even today and join thousands of happy players who are enjoying the wholly potential of these addictive time-management cooking game.


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