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Bid wars cheat and hacks: Become the best bidder out there

You ever wondered how is it like to be a bidder? You are attracted by this exciting life full of adrenaline but not sure you have everything necessary to become one? With bid wars storage auctions released by Tapps games, anyone can become the greatest bidder out there.

Conquering different types of storages, opening your pawn shops, finding all kinds of secret treasures behind abandoned garage doors definitely seems like an adventure.

This type of game is keeping players glued for the screen for sure, but how it usually goes with strategy games there is a “catch”.On a daily bases, there is a 20 bar of energy, and by one auction you need 7. Enough to get hooked but not enough to continue playing.

We are providing you the ultimate Bid wars storage auctions cheats and hacks if you are interested in unlimited daily energy and by that, we mean a closer experience of both profit and loss.

Making good decisions and assessments on auctions with minimum risks and losses is possible with good investments. Once you have your money or gold bar (or both) with our brief cheats and hacks tutorial, it is up to you how will the investment be like.

Besides cheats and hack, we are presenting your major guide with tips and tricks on what you should do with your money and gold bars.

What you should know about Bid Wars?

The game is made entirely straightforward and for players of all ages and all platforms so it could be played both on iOS and Android devices and utterly free. From the begging game is keeping players hooked approaching them “ real life “ strategy and experience with real auction houses, locations, finding and earnings.

Even though the game is intended for a different type of player, if you have a miserable beginning most probably it will manifest later on with the game strategy.

We are going to help you with what you should pay attention to once you provided within the game currency or gold bars with our completely free cheats and hacks available.

Once you passed your brief in-game tutorial how bidding works its time to face how real-life auctions works, and you want to make sure you are having a good foundation for later on.

You are working on your own!

 With the introduction of how the game works you will help at the beginning. At the earlier levels there is veteran bidder Alice, and make sure she is your best friend until you cope with the basics because once you know the basics you are all alone with your decisions.

Making the best deals for yourself and dictating the terms on which you should win auctions to make profits is a crucial thing in the game.

Making a profit at the beginning often could mislead the players and make them relaxed wich can ensure them to be broke real soon. That often happens for some whim that even though it could have a bigger price than you can estimate on the first look often could lead to an even bigger risk to lose all your money.

bid wars hacks

Your best friends!

 As we already learned these games are all about strategy and making smart decisions when it comes to auctions and making a profit, but as always in this type of games there are some “ tools” you should consider using if you want to be the ultimate boss of the auction.

Appraisal- With every auction starting you will have a quick 5-second storage look and using a price estimator you can estimate how much the things in the garage are worth. However, that does not mean that profit is guaranteed. Price estimator is a handy tool if you want to be sure how much money you could risk before becoming broke.

Tip: Use the price estimator on the things that seem more exspensive than others, and by checking this more valueble thing you will save aproximatly 2 seconds that could be used to develop your bidding strategy.

X-ray glasses- Can you imagine in a real-life situations that you can see every single object hidden in these big storages. In real life, of course, that option is not available, but in Bid wars sure it is. With x-ray glasses, you can see all hidden objects in the darkness of the garage. Larger objects in in-front objects will become transparent and you can have the full vision is that storage worth of risk or not. Remember the final decision is all up to you.

Tip: If you discover with x-ray glasses, for example, some type of rare vintage vase behind fridge use appraisal to estimate the real price of the vase and till then you will already know is that garage worthy investment or not. That’s why we said that these hot tools will be your best friend in decision making.

Kickout- Becoming the greatest bidder out there is not that hard if you don’t have any competition. With the kickout feature, you can remove bidder from an auction for good. The only thing you should consider before kicking competitors out is that this feature is viable once per auction. Kickout is great tool to remove the richest bidder out there on the start of an auction but be sure to make good estimate of the competitors and who could be possible investitor of the storage.

Overrule feature- When you don’t have enough cash to proceed further there is still a chance to win a bid. With overrule feature there is new opportunity for you to overrule last bid and win an auction. However make sure to keep an eye on the taunting competetors. They can negate your use of the overrule feature so make sure to have your overrule perk in your pocket and use it at the end.

Tip: Make a right judgment of the competetors by reading comments before the auction starts so you can be sure which one will give you the hardest time winning the auction.


Once you start your adventure in Riverside, California your goal is to open your very first pawnshop, and we will help you how you should do it. Earlier in the text, we mentioned how your game strategy should look and how to use your money and gold bars that are avaivable without cheats and hacks for free.

Having your own pawnshop means that you conquired this city and you are considered to be boss of the auction in certain areas. That’s why it is really important to open your pawnshops across the regia.

Opening pawnshop equals more energy and more money. Once it becomes accessible pawnshop requires to be renovated and if you want to offer some real deals its necessary to collect rare and interesting objects to your customers.

Making profit from your pawnshop besides organizing requires to redeem certain types of jewelry, artwork, electronics, instruments and much more.

With the first pawnshop, it’s really clear that without energy or money is super hard to make progress and really soon you will have to expand pawnshop to make more room for auction but also for customers who want to estimate their precious objects.

Upgrading your pawnshop will bring you extra profit so down below we gave you some interesting things that you can upgrade on level up and make your pawnshop even better.

bid wars working cheats

Shop Upgrade for Localshop rank

 Shelves ( Amount:3) level:9

  1. Offer Time 0% – level:9
  2. Inventory Space (Amount:7) level:9
  3. Natur Sale Bonus
  4. Tech Sale Bonus
  5. Antique Sale Bonus
  6. Jewelry Sale Bonus
  7. Music Sale Bonus
  8. Sports Sale Bonus level:10
  9. Furniture Sale Bonus level:12
  10. Vehicle Sale Bonus level:13
  11. Fashion Sale Bonus level:12
  12. Decoration Sale Bonus

bid wars free cheats and hacks

 Ultimate guide for rare objects!

 In order to advance in your game, there is a lot of rare objects that you should collect. Even though you make progress in the game you will have certain tasks and missions to find these objects on the location that you already passed, and sometimes you will find it right away.

In the further text we are giving you ultimate rare objects list so you could be sure what you already have and for what you should come back.

Vintage Popcorn Machine San Francisco, Johannesburg, Riyadh $123
Gargoyle Miami $146 $364
Native American antler knife San Fran $80
Wooden washing machine Miami $180
African mask San Francisco, Miami $180 $450
Medal of Honor Las Vegas, Honolulu $110 $275
Solomon island war club Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro $112 $280
Vintage 1931 Toy Zeppelin Miami, Istanbul $140 $350
Wooded crank butter churn Client, Ottawa, Johannesburg, Riyadh $224 $560
Cast iron coal stove Miami, Singapore, Las Vegas $132 $330
Hot dog steamer Miami, Johannesburg $128 $319
Distinguished flying cross medal Houston $64
Confederate Wallpaper Letter LA, Istanbul, Client $80
Antique Straight Razor LA, Ottawa $120
Fossilized Hadrosaur Egg San Francisco, Istanbul $120 $300
Trepanation Drill San Francisco, Johannesburg, Panama City $60
Old Wall Phone San Francisco, Client $120
Egyptian watch fob Miami, Istanbul $80
1883 Brooklyn Bridge Ticket Las Vegas, Ottawa $210 $525
19th Century Swedish Skaktetra Client, Riyadh $100 $250
Prohibition Era Bootleg Sign Client $580 $1450
Vintage Gas Pump Honolulu $220 $548
Civil War Spectacles Honolulu $80 $200
Old Video Game Johannesburg, Houston $72 $180
Western Xia Vase Client $440
Tourmaline Riyadh $400
Toy Monkey Riyadh $64 $160
Roman Republic Silver Dinar Client $640 $1600
Full Plate Armor Miami, Honolulu $128 $319
Arkansas Toothpick (dagger) Mutts house, London, Istanbul $60 $150
19th century wine press Ottawa, Las Vegas $150
Ammonite Fossil Client $320 $800
Samurai helmet Ottawa, Las Vegas $188 $468
Eastern African Spear Panama City $100 $250
Emerald Client $500 $1250
Civil War Soldiers Diary Johannesburg $220 $550
1890 Brass Cornet Johannesburg $240 $600
Victorian Chair Johannesburg, Client $210 $524
Olympic Bronze Medal Client $520 $1300
Diving Helmet New York, Houston, Riyadh, Johannesburg $124
Samurai Swords Client $540 $1350
Jin Vase Client $600
1971 Elvis Presley Concert Poster Client $560
Vintage Toy 1957 Ford Istanbul, Client $460 $1150
Preserved Hardtack Crate Mutt, Client, Johannesburg $160 $400

bid wars cheats and hacks online

Making some progress in this game is difficult without any additional help but you don’t have to worry to much if you consider using our cheats and hacks for free. Making strategy is ok, but we all know that strategy type of game is keeping players glued to the screen and without all tools out there is considered too hard to fast.

Besides daily tasks that include conquesting new storages and managing your pawnshops, you should consider participating in daily and weekly auctions because you never know what new objects you could find.

What could be the most addicting about this game is all these locations that you can conquer with every level up. Storages and auctions are available in Riverside California, Houston TX, New York,  NY,  Las Vegas Nevada, Malibu California, Miami Florida, Dallas Texas, Las Angels California, San Francisco California and much more.

There is three leagues that you could be part of Capital, State, and WorldChampion. Advancing from one league to another requires some additional tasks such as dumpster diving. With storages becoming more mysterious and more stuffed you will need to have more money. With every level up competion will become ruthless and offers more unrealistic so be careful how you are developing your strategy and how you will survive in big cities with really dangerous competion.

As we already mentioned earlier investing your money or gold bars with our cheats and hacks could become a lot easier. With adds-on such as x-ray sunglasses, kickout or appraisal you could become the main bidder out there in no-time.


To sum up everything that we talked about here is a brief reminder of the main things mentioned above:

Energy is important- It is really important not to waste your energy so make sure to level up as fast as you can, and by that, we mean completing level goals.

Participate in daily and weekly auctions- You can never know where rare objects could be found, so make sure to participate in these auctions

Use adds-on- Get some golden bar with our free cheats and hacks and use it for an add-on. It will pay off in no time.

Spend money wisely- Don’t use money on useless units and be sure to know the estimated value of the objects by the catalog

Reputation level- If you want to be a respectable bidder your reputation level should grow. Earning more profits means your reputation level will level up.

Dumpster diving cheats

Diving trough some dumpster definitely does not seems alluring in the first hand but if you take better look at it you never know what kind of treasure could bi find right there, in the dumpster. Besides possibility of finding really rare objects you could save some time from coming back to locations that you already passed. Dumpster diving is considered the easier way to find some hidden treasure but of course is not free. If you are ready to experience diving adventure be ready to pay with two gold bars.There is no specific strategy for dumpster diving besides your luck. One day you can choose old military knife and see what you could have really rare picture, and the next day could be vice versa. Bored of waiting for daily limits for dumpster diving?

No problem! With our cheats and hacks get an unlimited amount of gold bars and you can try your luck in dumpster any time.

We hope that we helped you with our tips and trick how to become the ultimate bid wars king. It’s really obvious that in the cities such as Las Vegas without any help aside is super hard to make any progress. Your opponents will spend more money on storages that are pretty much useless and you will find yourself really soon clueless about what to do and how to manage your incoming without getting broke.

Even though on first some objects could seem as worthy at least a bit and you can invest your last money on storage but once you estimate your findings you realize that objects are useless and without any price. Don’t you worry! We have your back with a list of things that you cant have single buck of profit:

bid wars hacks for dumpster diving

  • Clothes-fashion,
  • Filler foam-utilities,
  • Play Tough-Toys,
  • soap-utilities
  • Toilet paper-utilities
  • watering can-utilities
  • waterproof coating-utilities
  • tv remote-tech,
  • spider-nature
  • rat-nature
  • paint tin-utilities,
  • dead plant-nature,
  • bucket-utilities,
  • dirty socks-fashion,
  • weird substance-utilities,
  • used post-its-decoration
  • child drawings-toys
  • trap-military,moth-nature
  • box with used pens-utilities
  • bottles-utilities.

 Why use our ultimate cheats and hacks?

 Getting skeptical about free download cheats and hacks for these type of games here on the internet is completely legit right of yours. We are aware that there is a lot of scams and sites that do not work, but as a huge fan od Bid Wars: Storage Auction we developed special pattern for whole enjoyment. Players can apply these cheats and hack with ease and most importantly for free and available on both Android and iOS devices. Getting your cheats and hacks is super easy and could be applied by any player out there. We tried that this download pattern is most convenient for players any age and most importantly you have the option to choose what you will pick. Energy, gold bars or money? It is up to you, how the game strategy will develop. If you are not interesting in getting additional help by getting money and bars you can just pick daily energy and enjoy in auctions unlimited. Still, if you are wondering what hidden objects is available out there get your money and gold bars with our cheats and hacks download button and develop your game strategy from there.

If you still are not convinced that you should get these cheats and hacks its ok. Reading this text above you can realize that we offered you some ultimate tips and tricks on how to become the best bidder out there.

Now let’s see what benefits you are getting with these cheats and hacks :

  1. First of all its completely free.Meaning you don’t have to worry about “add you credit card” situations at the end of the procedure. Just make sure to follow our tutorial with steps that will explain all steps along the way.
  2. Its available with one button click. On the beginning and end of the text, you will see a big read button DOWNLOAD. Be sure to click on it and with the tutorial mentioned earlier you will get trough procedure that is super easy.
  3. 100% virus-free- you don’t have to worry about getting any viruses with these downloads. It’s completely safe
  4. It does not require any special specification
  5. It’s user-friendly and meant for diffirent age players
How to use our cheats Click on the get cheats and hacks button and follow the tutorial. GET CHEATS AND HACKS

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